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2020 Positional Rankings - Outfield

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A quick overview and a few comments on 2020 rankings for outfielders. As always, you can find all of our rankings updated periodically by clicking the "Rankings" link at the top of the website.

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The outfield position is fully stacked, and where you will likely find your top 5 overall picks in a draft. It's full of dual threat players, that combine speed and power..two rare things for one player to produce.

Tier One


Fantasy owners will have the luxury to pick between Ronald Acuna Jr. and Mike Trout. However, with Trout focussing on health over stolen bases, Acuna is the clear overall pick. Owners could also pick Christian Yelich over Trout in a draft, but there is no wrong pick with those first three players.

Having Mookie Betts and Cody Bellinger in the same lineup is just exciting to think about, unless you're an opposing pitcher. Betts is expected to become a free agent next year, so I would assume he'll be looking to have one of his best production years to date. Juan Soto closes out the first tier, but is certainly not thought of as any less of a player. Soto is 21 years old and has hit an average of 34 home runs over his first two full seasons with the Nationals.

Tier Two


Bryce Harper quietly put together a solid season for Philly last year, despite only hitting 35 home runs and stealing 15 bases. I think signing a mega deal during the off-season puts you under the microscope. Starling Marte was already a dual 25/25 threat, and moving to Arizona is a great opportunity for more success. I'm not saying Aaron Judge hitting 52 home runs in 2017 was a "fluke", but I'm certainly not paying for that during 2020 drafts. Additionally, his walk percentage has decreased while his strikeout percentage has increased. Easy pass.

Tier Three


Eloy Jimenez and Jorge Soler are just two of the many value picks among the Tier Three names. Each of these guys could easily hit 40 home runs, respectively, and for that value to be in the middle rounds - it's just a steal. Giancarlo Stanton may be healthy for an entire season, and may hit 40 home runs, but the strikeouts and injury history are a red flag. I would draft Stanton only if they fell due to these exact fears. Tommy Pham heads to the National League West, in what should be another season full of 20/20 potential, and maybe more with potential full playing time.

Tier Four


Joey Gallo has a huge power bat, but will also strike out over 200 times. A fantasy owner will need to weigh these options before drafting them. Marcell Ozuna's numbers don't jump out at you, but are merely just meh, especially for a talented outfield pool. Luis Robert has 20/20 potential and he's never played a single big league game. Robert is also 22 years old, and could see the same treatment that Eloy Jimenez saw, so owners will have to be patient.

Tier Five


Tier Five, like the other tiers is typically the "catch all" tier; however, there are a few upside picks. Kyle Schwarber and Franmil Reyes are power bats with empty batting averages. Rhys Hoskins has high hopes, but his batting average really discourages the potential power threat. Mallex Smith will always be a late round pick up for owners who lack speed, but his dismal on-base percentage likely keeps him on the waiver wire to start the season.