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2019 Fantasy Boom - Sean Newcomb

Image courtesy of USA Today Sports Images

In this edition of 2019 Fantasy Boom, we take a look at starting pitcher Sean Newcomb of the Atlanta Braves.

Last season was really a "breakout" season for Newcomb, as he started 30 games and logged 164 innings pitched for the Braves. Although his strikeout percentage dipped from 2017 to 2018, he was able to drastically cut down free passes - posting a 5.13 BB/9 in 2017, to a 4.45 BB/9 in 2018.

Why draft a guy with a terrible walk rate? Well, if you can see past the walks, and accept a strikeout per inning, I like the fact that Newcomb doesn't rely on his fastball. He throws his fastball around 62.7% of the time (according to FanGraphs) - while mixing in a slider, curveball and changeup. Keeping hitters guessing leads to soft contact (usually) - which is always an advantage for the pitcher.

The lefty-starter certainly isn't the best pitcher in the National League, or even on the Atlanta Braves, but he's a nice solid addition on draft day at little cost.