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Around the Diamond - Weekly Linkage
Dan Port | Friday July 1st, 2011
Is Jose Reyes the new number one in fantasy baseball? (Icon SMI)
Is Jose Reyes the new number one in fantasy baseball? (Icon SMI)
Around the Diamond looks at our favorite baseball articles and observations throughout the internet.  Here's what we're reading this week.

SI.com's Chris Nashawaty recently sat down for an in-depth interview with David S. Ward, director of the 1989 baseball film Major League.  Ward revealed a lot of previously unknown details about the film, and Yahoo Sports condensed them into a nice and neat top ten list.

Steve Gardner of USA Today's Fantasy Windup has re-ranked the first round of 2011 fantasy picks, and the new number one overall may be a bit of a surprise.

Are too many numbers blinding us to reality?  Grantland writer and best-selling author Jonah Lehrer (How We Decide, Proust Was a Neuroscientist) proposes the controversial idea that advanced statistics may be too heavily relied upon and could actually be detrimental to reasonable decision making.

Cirque du Soleil likely had a few more fans in San Diego after a performer made a thrilling and acrobatic first pitch on Monday.

Broken bats are a part of baseball, but rarely do we ever see something like the craziness that happened last weekend in the College World Series, when Florida's Mike Zunino broke his aluminum bat on a pitch from Vanderbilt pitcher Mark Lamm..

White Sox slugger Carlos Quentin is being hit by pitches at an alarmingly high rate this season, and Eno Sarris at Fangraphs asks if he may be the best ever at utilizing this method of getting on base.

David Ortiz at first base and Adrian Gonzalez in the outfield: smart or stupid?  SB Nation's Grant Brisbee weighs the positives and negatives of this bold idea.

Is Adam Dunn the least exciting player in baseball?  Joe Posnanski seems to think so

In response to Koyie Hill's refusal to move when the Rockies tried to field a foul ball in the Cubs bullpen on Monday, the MLB Network's Eric Byrnes aggressively showed fellow analyst Harold Reynolds what he would have done in that situation.

For those who thought MLB booth announcing couldn't get worse than Joe Morgan, check out Charles Barkley's recent visit to the Blue Jays broadcast team.

Dan Port, Reggie Yinger, and Nate Springfield contributed links to this article.
Dan PortDan Port has been a writer and article editor for Baseball Press since the fall of 2009. He's a Wisconsin native and Los Angeles resident, as well as an aspiring novelist, moderately successful gambler, and avid craft beer aficionado. You can reach him at dan@baseballpress.com or check him out on Twitter @danport and at DanielPort.com.