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Around the Diamond - Weekly Linkage
Dan Port | Friday June 24th, 2011
Big Papi showcased his speed on the bases this week. (Icon SMI)
Big Papi showcased his speed on the bases this week. (Icon SMI)
Around the Diamond looks at our favorite baseball articles and observations throughout the internet.  Here's what we're reading this week.

-In a rare sighting on par with Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster, Boston's David Ortiz somehow managed a straight-up steal of second base on Tuesday (video included).  It was his first successful stolen base in three years and just the 11th of his 15-year major league career.

-St. Louis' Marine Week got a lot more attention than usual this week when, while live on a Fox Sports broadcast from Busch Stadium, Lieutenant Colonel T. Shane Tomko commented that a round of artillery from an M1A1 Abrams tank might be the best way to stop Phillies ace Roy Halladay.

-Many baseball fans make it their mission to visit every major league park, but Washington resident Darren O'Donnell has taken it one step further by traveling on this epic journey only by bicycle.

-Food and drinks at the ballpark may be expensive, but Boston fan Gerry Burke found an additional use for his plastic cup of brew when he snagged a foul ball in it Tuesday night.  Beer: is there anything it can't do?

-Dedicated father David Roth couldn't get time off from his job to see his son Michael pitch for the University of South Carolina in the College World Series this year, so the he went ahead and quit his job so he could attend the games.

-The Athletics franchise has long discussed a possible move from economically-suffering Oakland to the more profitable Santa Clara County area, but their hopes have gone unfulfilled.  ESPN's Howard Bryant looks at why the A's are stuck and what should be done to improve the situation.

-Batting average on balls in play (BABIP) is one of baseball's most utilized advanced statistics, but it's also one of the most misunderstood.  Dave Cameron of Fangraphs gives us a few thoughts on BABIP, good and bad luck, and its effects in 2011.

-White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen made headlines this week when, in a fit of anger, he stomped around the plate and then kicked Geovany Soto's catcher's mask.  MLB.com has removed the video, but it's available on Youtube here.

-ESPN's David Schoenfield focuses on expensive free agent signings, past and present, and asks the question:  Are teams smarter than they used to be?

Dan Port and Nate Springfield contributed links to this article.
Dan PortDan Port has been a writer and article editor for Baseball Press since the fall of 2009. He's a Wisconsin native and Los Angeles resident, as well as an aspiring novelist, moderately successful gambler, and avid craft beer aficionado. You can reach him at dan@baseballpress.com or check him out on Twitter @danport and at DanielPort.com.