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Around the Diamond - Weekly Linkage
Dan Port | Friday June 17th, 2011
Brandon Crawford has some flashy moves on the field. (Icon SMI)
Brandon Crawford has some flashy moves on the field. (Icon SMI)
Around the Diamond looks at our favorite baseball articles and observations throughout the internet.  Here's what we're reading this week.

-Giants infielder Brandon Crawford may be a rookie, but Yahoo! explains that the fielding phenom already has a slick nickname and has dazzled some in the organization with his streetballer-like play with the glove.

-For those looking to the next wave of baseball stars, Baseball America recently revealed their 2011 College All-American Team.

-Minor league pitcher Dirk Hayhurst, author of the best-selling book The Bullpen Gospels, recently penned his first column for Bleacher Report.  In this piece, Hayhurst gives his take on the idea of character "makeup" and how a player's past may or may not effect his future.

-A lot has been written about Toronto's Jose Bautista this season, but Jeff Passan's in-depth chronicle of Bautista's journey from baseball vagabond to slugger may be the best yet.

-In an all-time low for foul ball seekers, this week a woman at a Twins-Royals game swiped a baseball from a little girl.

-A case of mistaken identity led to a memorable night for a certain Angels fan after he was misidentified as former pitcher Mark Langston and ended up in the luxury box of team owner Arte Moreno.

-Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal recently listed some unlikely All-Star Game candidates and why guys like Jamey Carroll and David Pauley may deserve to play in the mid-summer classic.

-Baseball surnames like "White" and "Brown" have been around the game for a while, and Beyond the Box Score recently evaluated which of the game's colorful last names was indeed the most successful.

-Seattle Mariners relief pitcher Chris Ray is an avid home brewer, and he recently channeled his passion for beer into a special brew for Fremont Brewing, who invited Ray in to prepare a batch of Homefront IPA.  The beer will be sold throughout Seattle and at Safeco Field, and the proceeds will benefit Operation Homefront.

-Possible team realignment has been the big buzz around baseball this week, and many writers and analysts are weighing in.  ESPN's Buster Olney gives us an overview of what may happen (video autoplays) while former big league general manager Jim Bowden gives his proposal for shifting teams.  Meanwhile, SB Nation writer Rob Neyer has some interesting thoughts of his own.

Dan Port and Reggie Yinger contributed links to this article.
Dan PortDan Port has been a writer and article editor for Baseball Press since the fall of 2009. He's a Wisconsin native and Los Angeles resident, as well as an aspiring novelist, moderately successful gambler, and avid craft beer aficionado. You can reach him at dan@baseballpress.com or check him out on Twitter @danport and at DanielPort.com.