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CHONE Projections and Baseball Press
Reggie Yinger | Thursday January 14th, 2010
Check out the new Head-To-Head Calculator
Check out the new Head-To-Head Calculator

With much gratitude going to Sean, of CHONE Projections, Baseball Press is proud to announce we now have two ranking systems to assist you to (if I may quote Sean) "dominate your fantasy draft". Before getting into the ranking systems, a quick word about Sean's work - CHONE Projections have been around for years and are recognized and trusted by many fantasy owners; projections are calculated based on player age, home ball park, previous years' stats (three years for pitchers and four years for hitters), and have easily proven their worth many times over. For more detailed information on CHONE Projections, please refer to the CHONE User Guide, and be sure to thank Sean for the critical role his projections have in our brand new Head-To-Head Points Calculator.

Player Ranking

Our Player Ranking application is (as it always has been) based on the opinion of our own Reggie Yinger and Dan Port. Reggie and Dan rank players based on current and recent stats of the top major league players, taking into account injuries, trades, minor league assignments, and yes... a "gut feeling". Player Rankings are updated monthly throughout the season, and we show you which players moved up (or down) in the ranking. We also provide comments as to why certain players are ranked above or below other players, and we show current stats for each player (updated nightly).

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Head-To-Head Points Calculator (H2H Calc)

At Baseball Press, we believe the H2H Calc will be an invaluable application to owners in head-to-head leagues - especially during player draft. We take the respected CHONE Projections of player stats, determine point values for each player and rank them in order of their value. The grid can be limited to a single position by changing the Show Position drop-down, and can also be limited to AL Only players, NL Only players, or Mixed by changing the League. Where our H2H Calc leaps ahead of other ranking systems and articles is in the customize points - if your league's commissioner values a Home Run as 10 points and a Strikeout as -2 points, the H2H Calc allows you to change those point values and instantly get a new ranking list with projected points - if your league's commissioner values a Win as 10 points and a Loss is 0 points, simply change the Stat Point values and instantly get an updated list. Change any point values, change all point values, change none - results are displayed as soon as the recalculate points is clicked.

A few detailed words: When displaying All, All Pitchers, or All Hitters (in regards to the Position drop-down), the grid will load the top 250 players based on player rank; however, when any single position is selected (SP, RP, C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, OF), the grid will display the top 50 players for that position. Below the grid is an "add more players" function - if more than 250 players is needed (or 50 when a single position is selected), clicking the "add more players" will add the next 50 players to the grid (or 10 when a single position is selected). When a player is eligible for multiple positions (having played at least 20 games at each position), the player will be included when any of his positions is selected - for example, Kevin Youkilis (being eligible for 1B and 3B) will be in the grid when 1B is selected and also when 3B is selected. When reviewing relief pitchers, please be aware that "Saves" are not listed. CHONE doesn't project them because they are too much of an elective statistic. A final point about the H2H Calc - the grid will include minor league players; stats for these players are projected based on Major League Equivalent (MLE) - for a more complete description of the stat projections, please refer to the CHONE User Guide.

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A quick word about a rotisserie calculator...

With rotisserie using player stats to generate team stats, and then team stats are not worth any points until they are compared to all other teams' stats. So it's not quite as "simple" as head-to-head's assigning a point value to each player, but we're already talking about different possibilities. Keep your eye on Baseball Press, we may yet come up the perfect draft tool for rotisserie to complement our H2H Calc!

Reggie YingerReggie is a writer and the co-founder of Baseball Press. He enjoys fantasy baseball and hates when players bunt in baseball.