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Slow AL-Only Mock Draft Results
Reggie Yinger | Wednesday December 23rd, 2009
Fantasy baseball never sleeps
Fantasy baseball never sleeps

About a week ago, I started into my first mock draft of the season thanks to Jason Collette of Dock Of The Rays. This draft was a slow AL-Only (8 hours between picks) mock draft that consisted of 12 teams and 23 rounds hosted by Couch Managers. Below are the requirements for each position. The utility player could be anything (with the exception of a pitcher) and a DH was not required. The pitcher slots could also be either a starting pitcher or a relief pitcher.

2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 9

I'm not going to review each pick because that would just be boring and I'll doubt you read about every single pick in every round, but I will cover the highlights of the first five rounds. If you are interested, the table below allows you to view each pick by the round. With the draft taking place during the winter hot stove, some players were switching leagues and being taken by owners when they should of been excluded (OF Mike Cameron was drafted in the 19th round and would have been drafted way earlier). With that said, you may see some very strange picks and those should be scratched from your memory.

Scroll to round: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23
Round 1
Round Player Position Owners
1.1 Joe Mauer C Dwade
1.2 Alex Rodriguez 3B jasoncollette
1.3 Miguel Cabrera 1B RayFlowers
1.4 Mark Teixeira 1B jessespector
1.5 Carl Crawford OF sacksjacked
1.6 Evan Longoria 3B pjs24
1.7 Ian Kinsler 2B jintman
1.8 Zack Greinke SP ajwalsh08
1.9 Jason Bay OF theroundtable
1.10 Derek Jeter SS donnysamson
1.11 Aaron Hill 2B joelhenard
1.12 Grady Sizemore OF chata
Round 2
Round Player Position Owners
2.13 Victor Martinez C chata
2.14 Kevin Youkilis 1B joelhenard
2.15 Cliff Lee SP donnysamson
2.16 Justin Morneau 1B theroundtable
2.17 Jacoby Ellsbury OF ajwalsh08
2.18 Felix Hernandez SP jintman
2.19 Robinson Cano 2B pjs24
2.20 Brian Roberts 2B sacksjacked
2.21 Curtis Granderson OF jessespector
2.22 Ichiro Suzuki OF RayFlowers
2.23 Ben Zobrist 2B jasoncollette
2.24 Dustin Pedroia 2B Dwade
Round 3
Round Player Position Owners
3.25 Kendry Morales 1B Dwade
3.26 C.C. Sabathia SP jasoncollette
3.27 Nick Markakis OF RayFlowers
3.28 Justin Verlander SP jessespector
3.29 Michael Young 3B sacksjacked
3.30 Adam Lind OF pjs24
3.31 Bobby Abreu OF jintman
3.32 Chone Figgins 3B ajwalsh08
3.33 Josh Hamilton OF theroundtable
3.34 Josh Beckett SP donnysamson
3.35 Nelson Cruz OF joelhenard
3.36 Michael Cuddyer OF chata
Round 4
Round Player Position Owners
4.37 Matt Wieters C chata
4.38 Shin-Soo Choo OF joelhenard
4.39 Jon Lester SP donnysamson
4.40 Jose Lopez 2B theroundtable
4.41 Torii Hunter OF ajwalsh08
4.42 Mariano Rivera RP jintman
4.43 Billy Butler 1B pjs24
4.44 Jonathan Papelbon RP sacksjacked
4.45 Joe Nathan RP jessespector
4.46 Alexei Ramirez SS RayFlowers
4.47 Johnny Damon OF jasoncollette
4.48 Jason Bartlett SS Dwade
Round 5
Round Player Position Owners
5.49 Jered Weaver SP Dwade
5.50 Carlos Pena 1B jasoncollette
5.51 Jhonny Peralta 3B RayFlowers
5.52 Gordon Beckham 3B jessespector
5.53 Elvis Andrus SS sacksjacked
5.54 Joakim Soria RP pjs24
5.55 Carlos Quentin OF jintman
5.56 Adam Jones OF ajwalsh08
5.57 Jorge Posada C theroundtable
5.58 B.J. Upton OF donnysamson
5.59 Jake Peavy SP joelhenard
5.60 Asdrubal Cabrera SS chata
Round 6
Round Player Position Owners
6.61 Erick Aybar SS chata
6.62 Marco Scutaro SS joelhenard
6.63 Alexis Rios OF donnysamson
6.64 John Lackey SP theroundtable
6.65 Mike Napoli C ajwalsh08
6.66 Kurt Suzuki C jintman
6.67 Jason Kubel DH pjs24
6.68 Howie Kendrick 2B sacksjacked
6.69 A.J. Pierzynski C jessespector
6.70 A.J. Burnett SP RayFlowers
6.71 Gavin Floyd SP jasoncollette
6.72 David Aardsma RP Dwade
Round 7
Round Player Position Owners
7.73 Scott Baker SP Dwade
7.74 Franklin Gutierrez OF jasoncollette
7.75 Matt Garza SP RayFlowers
7.76 Denard Span OF jessespector
7.77 Jermaine Dye OF sacksjacked
7.78 Rajai Davis OF pjs24
7.79 John Danks SP jintman
7.80 Albert Callaspo 2B ajwalsh08
7.81 Adrian Beltre 3B theroundtable
7.82 Juan L Rivera OF donnysamson
7.83 Brett Anderson SP joelhenard
7.84 Paul Konerko 1B chata
Round 8
Round Player Position Owners
8.85 J.D. Drew OF chata
8.86 Andrew Bailey RP joelhenard
8.87 Brian Fuentes RP donnysamson
8.88 Joe Saunders SP theroundtable
8.89 James Shields SP ajwalsh08
8.90 Brandon Inge 3B jintman
8.91 Kevin Slowey SP pjs24
8.92 Chris Davis 1B sacksjacked
8.93 David Price SP jessespector
8.94 Vladimir Guerrero DH RayFlowers
8.95 Russell Branyan 1B jasoncollette
8.96 Nick Swisher OF Dwade
Round 9
Round Player Position Owners
9.97 Rick Porcello SP Dwade
9.98 Gio Gonzalez SP jasoncollette
9.99 Frank Francisco RP RayFlowers
9.100 Rafael Soriano RP jessespector
9.101 Max Scherzer SP sacksjacked
9.102 Jeff Niemann SP pjs24
9.103 Clay Buchholz SP jintman
9.104 Orlando Cabrera SS ajwalsh08
9.105 Nolan Reimold OF theroundtable
9.106 David Ortiz DH donnysamson
9.107 Scott Feldman SP joelhenard
9.108 Bobby Jenks RP chata
Round 10
Round Player Position Owners
10.109 Rich Harden SP chata
10.110 Scott Sizemore 2B joelhenard
10.111 Scott Kazmir SP donnysamson
10.112 Kerry Wood RP theroundtable
10.113 Andy Pettitte SP ajwalsh08
10.114 Hideki Matsui DH jintman
10.115 Alex Gordon 3B pjs24
10.116 Magglio Ordonez OF sacksjacked
10.117 J.J. Hardy SS jessespector
10.118 Vernon Wells OF RayFlowers
10.119 Travis Snider OF jasoncollette
10.120 Marlon Byrd OF Dwade
Round 11
Round Player Position Owners
11.121 Mark Teahen 3B Dwade
11.122 Brandon Wood 3B jasoncollette
11.123 Chris Getz 2B RayFlowers
11.124 Neftali Feliz RP jessespector
11.125 Ricky Romero SP sacksjacked
11.126 Francisco Liriano SP pjs24
11.127 Mark Buehrle SP jintman
11.128 David DeJesus OF ajwalsh08
11.129 Luke Scott DH theroundtable
11.130 Mark Ellis 2B donnysamson
11.131 Juan Pierre OF joelhenard
11.132 Jake Fox 3B chata
Round 12
Round Player Position Owners
12.133 Julio Borbon DH chata
12.134 Carlos Santana C joelhenard
12.135 Jarrod Saltalamacchia C donnysamson
12.136 Daisuke Matsuzaka SP theroundtable
12.137 Hank Blalock 1B ajwalsh08
12.138 Jeremy Hermida OF jintman
12.139 Luis Valbuena 2B pjs24
12.140 Ervin Santana SP sacksjacked
12.141 Maicer Izturis 2B jessespector
12.142 Wade Davis SP RayFlowers
12.143 Mike Aviles SS jasoncollette
12.144 Mike Lowell 3B Dwade
Round 13
Round Player Position Owners
13.145 Brian Matusz SP Dwade
13.146 Joba Chamberlain SP jasoncollette
13.147 Delmon Young OF RayFlowers
13.148 Ryan Rowland-Smith SP jessespector
13.149 Scott Hairston OF sacksjacked
13.150 Matt LaPorta OF pjs24
13.151 Adam Kennedy 3B jintman
13.152 David Murphy OF ajwalsh08
13.153 Cesar Izturis SS theroundtable
13.154 Aubrey Huff 1B donnysamson
13.155 Lyle Overbay 1B joelhenard
13.156 Erik Bedard SP chata
Round 14
Round Player Position Owners
14.157 Fernando Rodney RP chata
14.158 Travis Hafner DH joelhenard
14.159 Scott Downs RP donnysamson
14.160 Kevin Millwood SP theroundtable
14.161 Ty Wigginton 1B ajwalsh08
14.162 Cliff Pennington SS jintman
14.163 Mike Gonzalez RP pjs24
14.164 Jack Cust DH sacksjacked
14.165 Pat Burrell DH jessespector
14.166 Brett Wallace 3B RayFlowers
14.167 Ryan Sweeney OF jasoncollette
14.168 Melky Cabrera OF Dwade
Round 15
Round Player Position Owners
15.169 Alexi Casilla 2B Dwade
15.170 Phil Hughes RP jasoncollette
15.171 Matt Thornton RP RayFlowers
15.172 Edwin Encarnacion 3B jessespector
15.173 Gil Meche SP sacksjacked
15.174 Derek Holland SP pjs24
15.175 Kelly Shoppach C jintman
15.176 Carl Pavano SP ajwalsh08
15.177 Rod Barajas C theroundtable
15.178 Josh Fields 3B donnysamson
15.179 Gerald Laird C joelhenard
15.180 Jake Westbrook SP chata
Round 16
Round Player Position Owners
16.181 Ryan Raburn OF chata
16.182 Joel Zumaya RP joelhenard
16.183 Joe Crede 3B donnysamson
16.184 Brett Gardner OF theroundtable
16.185 Dallas Braden SP ajwalsh08
16.186 Daric Barton 1B jintman
16.187 Shaun Marcum SP pjs24
16.188 Alex Avila C sacksjacked
16.189 Miguel Olivo C jessespector
16.190 Carlos Guillen OF RayFlowers
16.191 Michael Wuertz RP jasoncollette
16.192 Lou Marson C Dwade
Round 17
Round Player Position Owners
17.193 Luke Hochevar SP Dwade
17.194 Matt Joyce OF jasoncollette
17.195 Jason Frasor RP RayFlowers
17.196 Jose Guillen OF jessespector
17.197 Mike Carp 1B sacksjacked
17.198 Brad Bergesen SP pjs24
17.199 Nick Johnson 1B jintman
17.200 Yuniesky Betancourt SS ajwalsh08
17.201 Alex Gonzalez SS theroundtable
17.202 Brandon Morrow RP donnysamson
17.203 Coco Crisp OF joelhenard
17.204 Willy Aybar 1B chata
Round 18
Round Player Position Owners
18.205 Chris Perez RP chata
18.206 Trevor Cahill SP joelhenard
18.207 Desmond Jennings OF donnysamson
18.208 Jarrod Washburn SP theroundtable
18.209 Tommy Hunter SP ajwalsh08
18.210 Michael Brantley OF jintman
18.211 Daniel Bard RP pjs24
18.212 Robinson Tejeda RP sacksjacked
18.213 Felix Pie OF jessespector
18.214 John Buck C RayFlowers
18.215 Darren O'Day RP jasoncollette
18.216 Austin Jackson OF Dwade
Round 19
Round Player Position Owners
19.217 Justin Duchscherer SP Dwade
19.218 Dioner Navarro C jasoncollette
19.219 Willie Bloomquist OF RayFlowers
19.220 Jeremy Guthrie SP jessespector
19.221 Chris Tillman SP sacksjacked
19.222 Jayson Nix 2B pjs24
19.223 Brandon League RP jintman
19.224 Mike Cameron OF ajwalsh08
19.225 Nick Blackburn SP theroundtable
19.226 Jose Bautista OF donnysamson
19.227 Justin Masterson RP joelhenard
19.228 Marc Rzepczynski SP chata
Round 20
Round Player Position Owners
20.229 C.J. Wilson RP chata
20.230 J.P. Howell RP joelhenard
20.231 Jerry Hairston Jr. 3B donnysamson
20.232 Andy Marte 1B theroundtable
20.233 Brandon McCarthy SP ajwalsh08
20.234 Endy Chavez OF jintman
20.235 Wilkin Ramirez DH pjs24
20.236 Jeremy Bonderman RP sacksjacked
20.237 Ian Snell SP jessespector
20.238 Ryan Perry RP RayFlowers
20.239 David Robertson RP jasoncollette
20.240 Darren Oliver RP Dwade
Round 21
Round Player Position Owners
21.241 Andruw Jones DH Dwade
21.242 Brayan Pena C jasoncollette
21.243 Jason Kendall C RayFlowers
21.244 Jack Wilson SS jessespector
21.245 Rob Johnson C sacksjacked
21.246 Jason Varitek C pjs24
21.247 Koji Uehara SP jintman
21.248 Brett Cecil SP ajwalsh08
21.249 Brian Duensing SP theroundtable
21.250 Taylor Teagarden C donnysamson
21.251 David Hernandez SP joelhenard
21.252 Kevin Jepsen RP chata
Round 22
Round Player Position Owners
22.253 Eric Chavez 3B chata
22.254 Michael Aubrey 1B joelhenard
22.255 Brad Ziegler RP donnysamson
22.256 Aaron Laffey SP theroundtable
22.257 David Huff SP ajwalsh08
22.258 Chien-Ming Wang SP jintman
22.259 Randy Ruiz DH pjs24
22.260 John McDonald SS sacksjacked
22.261 Fausto Carmona SP jessespector
22.262 Vin Mazzaro SP RayFlowers
22.263 Ramon Santiago SS jasoncollette
22.264 Scott Podsednik OF Dwade
Round 23
Round Player Position Owners
23.265 Dan Wheeler RP Dwade
23.266 Grant Balfour RP jasoncollette
23.267 Alfredo Aceves RP RayFlowers
23.268 Xavier Nady OF jessespector
23.269 Phil Coke RP sacksjacked
23.270 Landon Powell C pjs24
23.271 Jon Rauch RP jintman
23.272 Ramon Castro C ajwalsh08
23.273 Josh Anderson OF theroundtable
23.274 Ramon Ramirez RP donnysamson
23.275 Milton Bradley OF joelhenard

The first four picks are pretty self explanatory and reasonable, no real questions here. I had the 5th pick overall (team name sacksjacked) and I decided to go with OF Carl Crawford. A mistake by me for taking Crawford over 3B Evan Longoria? Several owners may say so, but I've always been a speed guy and because it's a stat category where many players lack, it becomes very valuable.

The 9th pick overall was OF Jason Bay by owner Collin Hager (theroundtable) of Elmhurst Pub Roundtable. People of the fantasy baseball world keep saying that Bay is overrated, but his numbers say otherwise. If anything, Bay may have been taken a few picks too early, but the pick isn't totally absurd. Bay could end up with any team and if rumors are true about him signing with an AL West team, he's a solid number three hitter who can produce a ton of points.

The 10th pick was SS Derek Jeter who went earlier than I expected, but owner Donny Samson now has a stud shortstop and can move on with filling other positions. The 11th pick overall was from owner Joel Henard of the Fantasy Insiders and his selection was 2B Aaron Hill. The Hill pick is risky this early, especially with plenty of power hitters still on the board.

Drafted in the final slot of the first round was OF Grady Sizemore, who I thought was a steal. Sizmore had the injuries last year and let a lot of owners down, but is expected to be fully healthy next season. With Grady producing his "normal" stud numbers, owner chata makes this pick a good one.

Halfway through the second round, the draft had a hiccup and owner Alex Walsh (ajwalsh08) was assigned OF Jacoby Ellsbury by accident. I really wanted Ellsbury (really a speed freak for my teams) and offered to draft a player Walsh wanted so we could make a trade. The request was for 2B Brian Roberts, so I made the pick and then swapped it for Jacoby.

I made the Ellsbury/Roberts deal after my target for the second round was taken. I really had my eyes on RHP Felix Hernandez, but he was taken quickly by owner Scott Gilroy (jintman). I decided not to chase another pitcher because I've never been a fan of drafting pitchers high as I feel I just end up chasing after strikeouts and wins, but I really wanted to take a chance on King Felix..it just didn't work out.

With the 9th pick in the second round, owner Jesse Spector of the Touching Base Blog on NYDailyNews.com selected OF Curtis Granderson. Granderson will be a hot item come draft time next season, especially with the move to Yankee Stadium.

Ray Flowers of Baseball Guys selected OF Ichiro Suzuki with the very next pick after Granderson. Can't go wrong with Ichiro, especially on a much improved Mariners team. If anything, Ichiro may have been taken too late. Oh well.

Slugger OF/2B Ben Zobrist was taken by Jason Collette with the 11th pick in the second round. Zobrist doesn't show signs of slowing down next season and I have no problem with his draft position. Along with a speedy team, I really like guys with multiple position eligibility and Zobrist definitely has that.

Closing out the second round with the 24th pick overall, owner Dan Wade of the Twins Most Valuable Blog took 2B Dustin Pedroia. Although Pedroia didn't have an "MVP" season in 2009, you're still getting one of the best 2B in the AL, who can hit for power and average.

With my selection in the third round, I took 3B Michael Young from the Texas Rangers. Young is still very high on my list because of previous seasons. I liked him last year and I really like him heading into next season.

Another great pick in the third round came from owner Paul Sporer (pjs24) of Baseball By Paul when he selected OF/DH Adam Lind. Lind is player who I liked heading into 2009 and when he had a "breakout" season with 35 HR, it sealed the deal. While I'll be curious to see if the RBI totals hit over 100 again, the power and great average are here to stay.

Because many of you love C Matt Wieters, I'll have you know that he was drafted with the 1st pick in the fourth round (third catcher overall).

Some other notable picks of the fourth and fifth rounds which I thought were excellent: OF Shin-Soo Choo, 1B Billy Butler and SS Alexi Ramirez (all in the fourth round) and 3B/2B Gordon Beckham, RHP Jake Peavy and OF B.J. Upton in the fifth round.

Overall, I find my team to be very fast, but lacking power. My outfielders have a mixture of power and speed, but I'm curious to see how OF Jermaine Dye and OF Magglio Ordonez bounce back next season. I'm sure they will get plenty of at-bats, but will they find success? My starting infield is a group of young guys who have the potential to succeed, but I run into the issue of little power. With regards to pitching, I mentioned earlier that I've never been a huge fan of spending high picks on pitching, but that I would rather piece a few low round picks with a few waiver-wire picks. Everyone has their own strategy with regards to pitchers and draft picks, but you have to go with what wins you a championship. My catching situation is just awful...that's really all I can say, but with very little depth, you can't expect to find much value after the top guys are drafted.

I'm a firm believer in practice makes perfect and that's why it's great to get your drafting/ranking work in during the offseason. Heading into drafts next spring with very little practice could cost you later in the season. Not only is it great prep-work for next year, but it's a lot of fun talking baseball with everyone.

Let me know your comments, complaints, opinions and praises. Who do you think had the best draft?

Reggie YingerReggie is a writer and the co-founder of Baseball Press. He enjoys fantasy baseball and hates when players bunt in baseball.