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10 Things Philip Humber Had to Do After His Perfecto
Dan Port | Tuesday April 24th, 2012
After tossing a perfect game, Humber was a busy man. (US Presswire)
After tossing a perfect game, Humber was a busy man. (US Presswire)
On Saturday, Chicago White Sox pitcher Philip Humber tossed the 21st perfect game of the modern era.

It was an unexpected honor for Humber, who is Chicago's number four starter and had never even recorded a complete game with any of his four major league teams.

So exactly what does a fairly obscure big leaguer do in the immediate aftermath of a historic achievement?  Here are ten things that Humber (probably) had to do after his perfect game.

1. Repeatedly correct the spelling of his name.

2. Put a fresh tank of gas in his 1994 Ford Taurus.

3. Do an interview and explain to Colin Cowherd what a perfect game is and how baseball is played.

4. Wrap up the post-game leftovers so he and his wife can have a celebratory feast.

5. Call ahead to Staples to tell them he'd be late for his night shift.

6. Thank his buddy Stevie for letting him borrow his mitt again.

7. Sell high and trade himself off of his AL-only fantasy team The Humber Dingers.

8. Send a Facebook message to his high school ex-girlfriends to say "Look who's perfect now!"

9. Check Twitter to see if Old Hoss Radbourn had anything funny to say about him.

10. Stamp the first spot on his official MLB No-Hitter Punchcard.  Five more no-hitters (and proof of purchase from a box of Frosted Flakes) and he can send away for an autographed Nolan Ryan & Tony the Tiger mini-poster.
Dan PortDan Port has been a writer and article editor for Baseball Press since the fall of 2009. He's a Wisconsin native and Los Angeles resident, as well as an aspiring novelist, moderately successful gambler, and avid craft beer aficionado. You can reach him at dan@baseballpress.com or check him out on Twitter @danport and at DanielPort.com.