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Around the Diamond - Weekly Linkage
Dan Port | Friday April 13th, 2012
Jeff Francoeur has made some friends in the Oakland bleachers. (US Presswire)
Jeff Francoeur has made some friends in the Oakland bleachers. (US Presswire)
Around the Diamond looks at our favorite baseball articles and observations throughout the internet.  Here's what we're reading this week.

-Has Ozzie Guillen finally gone too far in his praising of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro?  Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports seems to think so.  Which is why Guillen is facing suspension.

-Royals outfielder Jeff Francoeur continues winning over diehard A's fans in the right field bleachers of Coliseum, this time with free pizzas.

-Baltimore infielder Robert Andino provides visual proof of the declining happiness of playing for the Orioles.

-Mariano Rivera's blown save in his first game this season have several journalists questioning whether age has finally caught up with the 42 year-old star closer.  Deadspin has compiled a series of newspaper excerpts that make the same point... as far back as 2001.

Who is the worst third baseman in Major League Baseball?
Mark Reynolds makes his case. ---  As does Mark Trumbo.

-How could Magic Johnson and Guggenheim Partners afford that $2.15 billion price they paid for the Dodgers.  Well, it turns out they can't, at least not without help.

-SB Nation's Rob Neyer asks if the Tampa Bay Rays and their strategic shifts are redefining infield defense.

-After video of his cheap shot on an opponent went viral, college baseball player Austin O'Such began receiving threats and has now withdrawn from school.  Details and the video here.

-A Rangers fan went into full-on sprinkler mode after catching a Josh Hamilton home run ball on Monday.

Reggie Yinger, Nate Springfield, and Dan Port contributed links to this article.
Dan PortDan Port has been a writer and article editor for Baseball Press since the fall of 2009. He's a Wisconsin native and Los Angeles resident, as well as an aspiring novelist, moderately successful gambler, and avid craft beer aficionado. You can reach him at dan@baseballpress.com or check him out on Twitter @danport and at DanielPort.com.