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Our Best Predictions For the 2012 Season
Reggie | Saturday March 31st, 2012
Will Joey Votto win another National League MVP Award in 2012? (US Presswire)
Will Joey Votto win another National League MVP Award in 2012? (US Presswire)
The 2012 baseball season has arrived, and the Baseball Press staff is ready to play prognosticator and predict some outcomes.  Which teams will succeed and surprise?  Which players will take home the hardware?

Our writers weigh in with their picks.  You can see our 100% accurate predictions from 2011 by clicking here.  Feel free to respond to our choices and leave your own predictions in the comments.

National League

NL West
Reggie's Pick: Arizona Diamondbacks
Dan's Pick: Arizona Diamondbacks
Nate's Pick: San Francisco Giants

NL Central
Reggie's Pick: Cincinnati Reds
Dan's Pick: Milwaukee Brewers
Nate's Pick: Cincinnati Reds

NL East
Reggie's Pick: Philadelphia Phillies
Dan's Pick: Philadelphia Phillies
Nate's Pick: Miami Marlins

NL Wild Cards
Reggie's Pick: Miami Marlins, St. Louis Cardinals
Dan's Pick: Cincinnati Reds, Miami Marlins
Nate's Pick: Philadelphia Phillies, Arizona Diamondbacks

NL MVP Award
Reggie's Pick: Joey Votto
Dan's Pick: Justin Upton
Nate's Pick: Ryan Braun 

NL Cy Young Award
Reggie's Pick: Clayton Kershaw
Dan's Pick: Roy Halladay
Nate's Pick: Cliff Lee 

NL Rookie of the Year Award
Reggie's Pick: Devin Mesoraco
Dan's Pick: Devin Mesoraco
Nate's Pick: Jordan Pacheco

NL Comeback Player of the Year Award
Reggie's Pick: Adam Wainwright
Dan's Pick: Adam Wainwright
Nate's Pick: Erik Bedard

NL Most Surprising Team of 2012
Reggie's Pick: Washington Nationals
Dan's Pick: Los Angeles Dodgers
Nate's Pick: Atlanta Braves (Bad)

American League

AL West
Reggie's Pick: Los Angeles Angels
Dan's Pick: Los Angeles Angels
Nate's Pick: Los Angeles Angels

AL Central
Reggie's Pick: Detroit Tigers
Dan's Pick: Detroit Tigers
Nate's Pick: Detroit Tigers

AL East
Reggie's Pick: New York Yankees
Dan's Pick: Boston Red Sox
Nate's Pick: Boston Red Sox

AL Wild Cards
Reggie's Pick: Toronto Blue JaysTexas Rangers
Dan's Pick: Texas Rangers, New York Yankees
Nate's Pick: Toronto Blue Jays, Tampa Bay Rays

AL MVP Award
Reggie's Pick: Jose Bautista
Dan's Pick: Miguel Cabrera
Nate's Pick: Albert Pujols 

AL Cy Young Award
Reggie's Pick: Dan Haren
Dan's Pick: Jered Weaver
Nate's Pick: David Price 

AL Rookie of the Year Award
Reggie's Pick: Mike Trout
Dan's Pick: Jesus Montero
Nate's Pick: Matt Moore 

AL Comeback Player of the Year Award
Reggie's Pick: Joe Mauer
Dan's Pick: Kendrys Morales
Nate's Pick: Francisco Liriano 

AL Most Surprising Team of 2012
Reggie's Pick: Toronto Blue Jays
Dan's Pick: Oakland Athletics
Nate's Pick: Minnesota Twins

Reggie Yinger, Dan Port, and Nate Springfield all contributed to this article.
ReggieReggie is a writer and the co-founder of Baseball Press. He enjoys fantasy baseball and hates when players bunt in baseball.