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Baseball Press Lineup Application
Reggie | Saturday March 24th, 2012
Get all your lineups with this great mobile application. (Icon SMI)
Get all your lineups with this great mobile application. (Icon SMI)
Tired of starting players in your fantasy baseball league, just to find out they're not playing that day? Own Brian McCann, but want to know when his off-days are?

Thanks to the Baseball Press Lineup Application, you can now have access to every lineup for every Major League Baseball game during the season and playoffs. 

While your league-mates are searching the internet, looking for starting players, you'll have access to fast, clean, and 100% accurate lineup data. Best of all, the application is 100% FREE.

Quit starting players that aren't playing and start winning fantasy baseball championships today!

With the Baseball Press Lineup Application, you'll receive timely information (usually hours before the start of the game) about starting lineups and probable pitchers for each game. Users are allowed to not only view the current lineups for each day, but are also allowed to view previous lineups for each team.

Currently, the application is only available for Android model phones. You can find the application by searching the Google Play Marketplace (just search Baseball Press) or you can click this link.

The application was designed by Bradley Uffner. Bradley is a senior programmer and has worked on several projects in the past. You can view his other fun application, Chromo/4, by clicking here.

Here are a few bits of information about the Android application:
  • The application is FREE. We love baseball.
  • All of the home teams are on the right. You'll see what I mean once you download the app.
  • If a team is listed in RED (the text) - that means that there isn't a lineup available for the team yet.
  • Yes, we have thought about an application for the iPhone. The design/programming is currently in the beginning stages.
There's only one reason you shouldn't be using this application - and it's because you don't own an Android phone.

Should you have any technical issues - you can contact us using our contact form.

Lastly, while you are enjoying the mobile application, don't forget about our terrific website and all its features. Not only do we provide great baseball lineup coverage, we have terrific articles from Dan, Nate, and Reggie. In addition to the articles, we also provide interactive rankings and entertaining weekly podcasts.
ReggieReggie is a writer and the co-founder of Baseball Press. He enjoys fantasy baseball and hates when players bunt in baseball.