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Baseball Press Logo and Banner
1 guy's idea became 2 guys' vision, and 3 days later, Baseball Press was born.
Since September of 2009, Baseball Press has provided readers with news, insight, and opinions on a wide range of baseball and fantasy baseball topics, creating a helpful, original website and establishing an impressive track record in the online baseball community. The Baseball Press website offers baseball fans a unique range of features, exclusive articles, and a weekly podcast that presents news and fantasy baseball advice. While always progressing and improving, Baseball Press remains focused on providing the best experience possible for our readers and listeners.

Meet the team:

Reggie Yinger – Co-Founder, Managing Director, Writer, Editor
Reggie is a writer and the co-founder of Baseball Press. He is also a computer programmer. His work has been featured in several print and online publications. He enjoys fantasy baseball and hates when players bunt in baseball.
Thad Miller – Co-Founder, Developer, Systems Admin
Thad is the designer and developer for the Baseball Press website, and keeps everything "alive".
Nate Springfield – Writer, Podcasts
Nate joined the Baseball Press crew for the 2010 season and hosts the site's podcast. His love for the game has grown thanks to fantasy baseball, with a specialty in NL-only auction leagues.
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